Pratik's affinity for the arts from an early age led him to drawing and painting. His love for still life drawing transformed into still life photography. He is proud to call himself a 3rd generation photographer and hopes to follow his grandfather’s footsteps into the commercial world of photography.
He has a contemporary aesthetic approach which is inspired by the neoclassical art movement of the 18th and 19th century. His images are marked by bold colors, graphical compositions, surrealism and unexpected juxtapositions. His dynamic still life photographs combine an accurate use of technique and creativity of a craftsman.
Pratik lives in San Francisco, operates throughout the west coast and is working towards realizing his dreams.


Presidential Scholarship: MFA Photography-Academy of Art University
PDN EDU Grand Prize 2018 : Still Life
PDN EDU Grand Prize 2019 : Still life
PDN EDU Grand Prize 2020 : Still life
C-Type Awards 2019 : Bronze Award
Phase One Certified Professional 2017-2019
Sony World Photography Awards : Open Competition Top 10 : Still Life
Oneeyeland Awards 2018 : Self Promotion Silver
Oneeyeland Awards 2018 : Self Promotion Gold
Oneeyeland Awards Top 10 Still life : Gold : Rank 9
Oneeyeland Awards 2019 : Advertising / Conceptual : Silver & Bronze
Oneeyeland Awards 2019 : Advertising / Food : Bronze
Oneeyeland Awards 2019 : Advertising / Self Promotion : Bronze.        
Oneeyeland Awards 2019 : Advertising / Product-Still life : Bronze
Communication Arts : Interactive Annual 26 : Student Showcase.
Communication Arts Photography Annual 2020 
APA 2020 Something Personal