Pratik's affinity for arts from an early age led him to drawing and painting. His love for still life drawing transformed into still life photography. He is proud to call himself a 3rd generation photographer and hopes to follow his grandfather's footsteps into the commercial world of photography. He has a contemporary approach which is inspired by the neoclassical art movement of the 18th and 19th century.His dynamic still life photographs combine an accurate use of technique and creativity of a craftsman. Pratik lives in San Francisco and operates throughout the west coast and is working towards realizing his dreams.
AWARDS & FEATURES ___________________________________________________________________________

APA : Something Personal 2020 
Communication Arts 61 Photography Annual 
PDN EDU Grand Prize 2020: Still life
Oneeyeland Awards Top 1O Still Life Awards: Rank 9 ( Worldwide ) Rank 5 (USA)
 Communication Arts Interactive Annual 26 Student Showcase
Oneeyeland Awards 2019: Self Promotion Silver 
Oneeyeland Awards 2019: Self Promotion Bronze 
Oneeyeland Awards 2019: Still life Bronze 
Adobe Live Online streaming : 
PDN EDU Grand Prize 2019: Still life 
C -Type Awards 2019 Bronze Award. 
PDN EDU Grand Prize 2018: Still life 
Oneeyeland Awards 2018: Self Promotion Gold 
Oneeyeland Awards 2018: Self Promotion Silver 
Phase One Certified Professional : 2017 -2019 
Sony World Photography Awards: Open Competition : Top 1O -Still life